Handheld Bluetooth Device for WDC-NX Electronic Controllers
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Handheld Bluetooth Device for WDC-NX Electronic Controllers


Handheld Bluetooth® device for the remote management of WDC100-NX & WDC200-NX control systems.

  • Handheld mobile device for remote connection to WDC-NX controllers.
  • Connection via Bluetooth® wireless technology.
  • Pre-programed for real-time management of WDC-NX controller functionality.
  • Durable IP67 rated device, with anti-microbial enclosure, and dedicated charging cradle.
  • Restricted access to camera, cellular & online connectivity.
  • Tiered user access level management.
  • Users can scan for recognisable named WDC-NX controllers.
  • Access to Quick Functions, such as; lockouts/isolation, clearing lockouts, manual purging, etc.
  • Easy adjustment of all WDC-NX settings, including; timed flow, lockout duration, time slots, automatic purging, etc.
  • Control of multiple outlets.
  • Easily downloadable WDC-NX automatic & manual usage data logs, provided in .CSV format.
  • Convenient handheld device for ease of use in secure facilities.
  • Remote connection via Bluetooth functionality allows staff to manage the water system from outside of the bedroom/cell, avoiding unnecessary confrontation.
  • The Wallgate Bluetooth device is preprogramed, ready for connection to any WDC-NX controller.
  • A hard-wearing device, featuring an anti-microbial enclosure, designed to handle the demands of any secure environment.
  • Restricted functionality to prevent the creation or sharing of any media.
  • Customer managed tiered access levels, from basic functionality control, to full adjustability of settings, allowing a single device to be used by a variety of staff.
  • Users can scan for available WDC-NX controllers, displaying recognisable user defined controller names.
  • Controller settings can be changed easily, without requiring access to the sanitaryware directly, or the controllers within the concealed services.
  • Access to Quick Functions allows staff to remotely isolate sanitaryware, reducing the risk of self-harm or flooding, via a non-confrontational means.
  • Sanitaryware can be manually operated/purged, without access into the bedroom/cell, ensuring water is regularly moved through the system.
  • Staff can access data logs of all automatic & manual user usage, providing easily accessible data to evidence the management of little used outlets, and to make informed decisions over changes in supervision requirements and/or product availability.
  • Data logs produced in common reporting format for ease of sharing/storage.