ThriiTap+ (Deck Mounted)
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ThriiTap+ (Deck Mounted)


For further technical information on the ThriiTap+, please visit our website: 3-in-1 Touch-Free Washroom Tap | ThriiTap+ by Wallgate

ThriiTap+ deck-mounted model, designed to be directly mounted onto vanity tops and basins. Delivering soap, water and air touch-free from one source, the ThriiTap+ D is a smarter way to design hygienic washrooms.


  • Soap. The ThriiTap+ automatically dispenses soap, touch-free in liquid or foam formats. The space-saving ThriiTap+ also offers adjustable soap settings, with programmable amounts and cycle options, for a very hygienic and tailored experience.
  • Water. The ThriiTap+ provides an instant, controlled water flow from as little as 1.9 lpm. The all-in-one, touch-free ThriiTap+ allows water flow to be configured to suit your washroom with adjustable flow times and cycle options.
  • Air. Through its HEPA filter, the ThriiTap+ provides heated air for a pleasant drying experience. With its selectable dryer speeds, the touch-free ThriiTap+ offers a flexible solution that is significantly quieter than conventional hand dryers.


  • Saves space design with soap, water and air from a single source
  • Fixed-position hand washing reduces movement around the washroom
  • Touch-free hand washing cycle for a hygienic experience 
  • Compact design for improved footfall
  • Greatly reduced mess from movement around the washroom
  • Requires minimal install space
  • Precisely controlled cost per cycle
  • Foamed soap provides up to 50% savings compared with liquid soap
  • Uses less than 0.3 litres of water per cycle
  • Less than 0.02kWh electrical power per cycle
  • Fast wash cycle completed in 30 seconds.